LTC3810 constant current with fix voltage limit?

hi guys,

how i have to design the ltc3810 circuit layout to get a constant current limited output? 

1. we use a precast pcb product design

2. we configurated the output voltage over the Vfb Voltage divider to 29,28V output CV

3. we try to limit the output current by change the current resistor (30mOhm) -> by 29,28V Output the current limited correctly, but if the voltage decrease the current increase -> CV Mode (see picture)

4. Vrng is 0,53V (measured)

How i have to connect  the LTC3810 Pins to get a fix limited current over a different output voltage area (CC-ConstantCurrent mode), but also with a fix voltage top limit (actual 29,23V)?

Thanks a lot for your help guys and please excuse my bad english ;)