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LTC3786 3V to 18V boost converter

Hi EngineerZone community,

I'm designing a li-po battery booster with LPC3786 which is able to convert 3-4.2V battery voltage to 18V 5A, for this purpose I tried to customized one of the sample circuits from the datasheet, (3786 F13a ) I have changed a few of components and entered the values in the LTpowerCAD project file and it seems to work, the only problem I can see is that as the original sample circuit's output voltage is 5V the output of the circuit is connected to the output pin of the LTC1754 pin (through the body diode of mosfet Q), which has the maximum rate 6V of the pin voltage so now with the output voltage of 18V is there any other solution for that ? maybe just replacing mosfet with a simple diod ?

is there any other problem you can mention in the circuts ?

there were a few mistakes in the pictures
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