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Didn't find info about the values about CONFIG resistors when a LTM4676A is used in parallel mode (single output at 3.3V and 26A).

1. should VOUT0CFG and VOUT1CFG be tied together?

2. Was the value 11.3K ohms at parallel mode (is 22.6K  when dual channel mode)

3. how about the VTRIM0CFG and VTRIM1CFG?

4. what is the RVTRIMnCFG (n = 0, 1)

  • Hello, 

    1) When dual output mode and both channel output 3.3V, VOUT0CFG, VOUT1CFG are separated , VTRIM0CFG, VTRIM1CFG are separated,

    Resistor setting are VOUT0CFG=VOUT1CFG=22.6K and VTRIM0CFG=VTRIM1CFG=OPEN.

    2) When single output dual phase mode, single output 3.3V, 

    Case A: VOUT0CFG and VOUT1CFG are tied together, VTRIM0CFG and VTRIM1CFG are tied together,

    Resistor setting are half of the resistor value setting for one channel,

    that is for VOUTCFG pin = 22.6/2=11.3K and VTRIMCFG pin= OPEN

    Case B: VOUT0CFG and VOUT1CFG are separated, VTRIM0CFG and VTRIM1CFG are separated,

    Resistor setting for individual VOUTCFG and VTRIMCFG will be same as dual output 3.3V as above item 1) shown.


    Thank you.