About LTC3335, questions below need your help.

1, I don't find how to select Ipeak setting in LTC3335 data sheet.

Before setting Ipeak, I should know the actual load current profile, and to make sure LTC3335 operate properly, I also know exactly the actual load current to which make Ipeak is hit, is it right understanding? If not, does it impact on the performance of LTC3335?

2, In our application, we need to consider the impacts of temperature changes on nominal battery capacity by ourselves.

3, Do you know some successful story of using LTC3335 by other customers?


Ma Dawei

  • More questions added.

    1, When regulator works, input quiescent current increase greatly (typical 360uA), but total coulomb counter error correction doesn’t include it, 5.96mAh just include 0.68uA typical sleeping current.

    2, The energy efficiency of LTC3335, ~88%, is not included in total coulomb counter error correction. Is it possible?

    3, In the example1 & 2 cited in DS page 22 & 23, where to get curve G39 & G44 in data sheet?



    Ma Dawei

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 13, 2019 4:07 PM in reply to Dawei Ma


    First questions:

    1. See Table 1. You want to choose your Ipeak such that you never hit that current.

    2. Yes, LTC3335 just counts coulombs, it will not take temperature into account.

    3. Many customers have had success with this part.

    New questions:

    1. I don't know what you mean. See the Input Quiescent Current Error section in the datasheet.

    2. The efficiency is not relevant to the coulomb count. Coulomb count only takes into account the output charge.

    3. Top right and bottom right of page 11, respectively. The curve numbers are to the bottom right of the curve.