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ADP2323ACPZ ripples at output

Hi , 

I am using ADP2323ACPZ for generating 3.3V & 1.2 V . 3.3V is genrating perfectrly however i am getting ripples at output . I am attaching the schematic & output waveform. since there is lot of ripple the FPGA is unable to boot through any mode. 


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  • Hi , 

    In our case PICOZED 7015 is the load , we are giving 1.8V & 5V to its input. we have tired changing the input voltage for 5V to 6.7V . I am attaching waveform below please have look , i have checked on SW pin of 1.8V channel. 

    We have previously used ADP2323 in one of our project where the input voltage to IC was 12V & system was running fine. however in our existing project we are using 5V input to ADP2323 we are facing ripple issue. 

    Looking forward for ur reply.