LT8361/LT3862 for 12V to -33V@200mA

Dear Sir/Madam,

I can see that the LT8361 has an example for 12V to -48V@290mA (page 25).

The LT8362 looks similar except for lower SW voltage but has a better package. 

How do I determine if the LT8362 is suitable for my application?

Regards Joe

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  • It is better to monitor the switch current, for clarity. The switch sees the addition of the current in the two windings, and should be about 1 amp, with the slopes added. If this current looks strange, then, be concerned.

    When the inductor windings are on the same core (coupled), the currents look strange, and I'm not smart enough to explain the reasons. 

    Your inductor choice is a good one. You should have no problem.

    Good luck!