LTM4675 test GUI for LTpowerPlay

Dear Sir 

I have some questions to ask about the LTM4675 test GUI LTpowerPlay 

Customers are in urgent need of knowing this setting rule, this is a urgent case, Thanks 

The attached file is the GUI LTpowerPlay screen , FYI 

(1) About the setting of IIN_OC_WARN_LIMIT this option

    What is his main function?

(2) Settings for the OUTPUT_Voltage option
     What is his main function?

(3) The customer currently needs a function to output SPEC current of 1A, but the limit current should be set at 1.2A. Is this feasible?

     The current verification test with the customer is to set the output current 1A, and the Current limit is 4.1A. Is this verification correct?
     Or do you have other verification test methods to provide a reference?