LT3757 coupled inductor selection

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am looking at the LT3757 to produce -33V@160mA from a 12V input.
The solution size and lowest output ripple are the most important factors.
I have been through the DS and calculated all the relevant values.
IL1(PEAK) = 0.48A, IL2(PEAK) = 0.19A, IL1(RMS)=0.45A, IL2(RMS) = 0.16A.
The MSD7342-104 has a small 7.5 x 7.5mm package however Isat=0.8A, Irms=0.45 (both windings). Not much margin.
The MSD1260-104 12.3x12.3mm and offer more margin.

Any thoughts on the schematic below and values would be much appreciated.

Regards Joe