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LT4250 Hot Swap power shor circuit test


We design a custom board. We use LT4250 as hot swap power controller. I attach the schematic of my design.

We use 48V and 35A as power supply.

We use 2mR (CSNL1206FT2L00) resistor as R1069 (Sense resistor) and use IRF3710STRLPBF as Q9 transistor then  We apply the short circuit test to the hotswap power by shorting the C52 capacitor.

When we power on the supply, after some Milliseconds the Drain-Source of Q9 short and the hot swap controller do not protect the board.

The Current - Continuous Drain (Id) @ 25°C of Q9 is 57A and the maximum current of R1069 is 23A. I do not have any idea about this failure.

What can i do to understand this failure? 


attach the schematic file.
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