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LT3471 24Vin to +-36Vout

Hello, this my first post here.  Can the LT3471 do the following?
24Vin, +36Vout, -36Vout, Output current min 250mA on each leg, 400mA would be nice

As I read the data sheet the voltage stress would be 24+36 = 60V on the negative, that worries me as it is abs max. 

And which application circuit topology would be most suitable.


  • Hi, Dsicon,

    The positive output converter would be connected as a Boost, and I don't see an issue there. The issue i see is with the inverting converter. You are correct in that the switch would be at 60V or higher, so the LT8471 would not work. 

    I had mentioned the LT8362 by mistake. I meant the LT8361. That is the one that would work for you, but you would need two separate parts, one for a boost and one for an inverter. 

    Please refer to the datasheet for details. The schematic below shows the schematic for the inverting application.