LED Driver Implemented as Constant Current Battery Charger

I am designing a battery charger for an existing battery pack design of 28 11000mAh NiMH cells.  The goal is to design a charger with a constant current output of 3.0A with low DC ripple.  The LT3795 and LT3796 Drivers seem to be a good fit for my application.  I would like to update their corresponding evaluation boards to meet the 3.0A CC output.

L3795 Demo Board (DC1827A) 110V LED Controller; 8V to 60Vin, 87Vout @ 0.4A, Spread Spectrum Frequency Modulation. 

LT3796EFE Demo Board | 100V LED Controller with Current Monitor; 8V to 85VIN, up to 85VOUT @ 0.4A  

I would like to update both of these boards to operate in constant current mode outputting 3.0A.  Are you able to provide any direction on how best to accommodate these changes?

I am open to all feedback.  

Thank you very much

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Sep 27, 2019 3:45 AM over 1 year ago


    For the components, 

    You will need to change the MOSFETS for the higher current requirements.

    Adjust the Feedback and current sense resistors to achieve the desired Vout and max Iout 

    Please refer to the component selection guide on the datasheets. 

    For the PCB, 

    The designed output of the board is just 0.4A you would also need to reinforce the traces that would curry the higher current.