I have a problem with the LT8390, I use it as a solar charger with a lead acid battery 12V.

I use your application circuit showing a solar panel charger in datasheet page 32.

The layout is made as specified in datasheet.

The FB circuit is a little different with temperature compensating components. Vout 14.2V at 20⁰C.

I use 1V as control voltage for max 5A in., when the Vin voltage exceed 30V the output voltage and current drops to a lower value. Voltage 12.8V.

If I turn the control voltage to 0.4V @ Vin > 30V, the output voltage and current goes back to “normal”.

If the charge current is below 2.5A when the input voltage exceeds 30V, output voltage remains 14.2V.

Please explain.