Low IQ LDO's, buck converters


I'd like to ask what kind of solution does AD have in the topic lo ultra-low shutdown/quiesent current voltage regulators/smps's?

My aim is to have 1A 15V(or 12V) output power IC that normally is asleep/shutdown and drains current of nA range (it's supplied from 5s LiOn battery, hence, the requirement)

The power supply is 99% shutdown in their life cycle, only in case of error it should be turned on, and give 1A at 15A/12A tor some short period of time. 

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Sep 17, 2019 9:55 AM

    If your application uses the SHDN/EN/RUN pin (name differs from part to part) to enable/disable the regulator the quiescent current will be below 1uA. This is correct for nearly all regulators (switched mode and/or LDO). We do not specify this more in detail because it's hard to test such small currents during high volume production. But you will find this value in all our datasheets (example: LT8608, Vin,max=42V, Iout,max=1.5A).

    To avoid delays by turning on/ramp up time of the regulator many low Iq parts will regulate the output to the desired voltage and keep current consumption between 1-3uA. Maybe a valid idea? LT8608 will do this a swell