now , we have a project of dual-battery source to design, it select the LT4359 for ideal diode and load switch. but it still have some problem during debug:

1)  the oring circuit include both of source : one is li-ion battery , another is fuel battery , firstly, li-ion is working and fuel battery will be turned on at 800W, 

  (li-ion battery =48V  , fuel battery =0-75V depended on the load and current, the higher the voltage rise , the heavier the load work),  

2) when the voltage of fuel cell is 60V set by microprocessor , it will turn off LT4359 and NMOS, it's easy to be broken with the input NMOS , the current of this time

   is only 5-15A, the NMOS is selected the IRLB4030 (IDSS=180A, VDSS=100V) and the SOA is enough

3) it adopt to the back-to-back NMOS to build this circuit and refer to the ADI demo circuitPDFPDF attachment is the schematic drawing and NMOS SPEC

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