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Synchronizing LT8580s

I have a requirement for an audio circuit that runs from a +30V supply rail but needs a -10V bias supply for a couple of JFETs in the circuit. It is intended to run from a 9V battery. I can use 2 LT8580s to generate the voltages needed but my concern is if they are not synchronized I could get products in the audio range from the two oscillators beating against each other. No matter how careful you are with the layout, they always seem to get where you don't want them and you are also always limited in how you can lay things out due to enclosure constraints. So the simplest solution would be to run both the +30V and -10V from the same clock. I don't see any application notes that show linking two regulators together using the clock from one to drive the sync input of the other. Is it possible? 

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