LTC4013 datasheet questions


In table 1, page 16, the VFloat and VRecharge voltages for Li-Ion batteries are way too low for that type of cell. I think that the designers mistakenly divided the voltage of a 12V battery by 6 (as for lead-acid batteries), instead of by 4, to represent the single cell Li-Ion voltage.

In the flow-chart diagram of page 20, the decision lozenge for IBAT> C/5 (C/10) has the wrong polarity, the sign should be < . Additionnally, I don't think that C/5 should be mentionned here; the correct wording should be IBAT< C/10.

It is not clear how we must program the FB pin voltage. This pin sets the constant-voltage that the battery will be charged at, during the absorbtion phase, if I understand correctly. Shouldn't the resistors feeding this pin be connected to a stable voltage source and not the battery itself ?

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