ADM1272 EVM board - Convergence problem in measurements according to calculations and stated in the data sheets

Hello Analog Devices' support team,

I recently started doing EVM testing for my personal project using your Hotswap component - ADM1272. During the component capability tests in FET SOA retention, results were discovered that do not converge to the data sheets and do not even converge on the theoretical calculations I have performed.

In terms of information about the set-up:
I fed the component at 30 V, limited the ISET current to 5 A (by placing the respective voltage divider in the relevant pin in the component),
And I set the Load Resistor of 2.6 Ohm. 

According to the calculation by the way of operation based on the pin "ISTART" - 
we accepted, by applying the load (by switching on using another FET for switching operation) for current damping time of about 0.8 msec

What we actually got:
We got by measured the V_gate, V_ds, and the Output current - is 416usec delay in the operation of the gate of the FET, which in turn caused for delay in the operation of the current damping!

We performed the same tests on different loads, including - shortcut (0 Ohm), 1.5 Ohm.
In those test - we got as expected, and convergence for what we calculated.

I would like to know if you can explain this phenomenon, and try to explain the above mismatch for this load.

I will try to upload lately the screenshot of the oscilloscope of the measurements

Thank you very much,