LTC2944 Battery polarity protection and Lead Acid Battery Software model

Hello Everybody

In my application I would like to monitor a 24V Lead Acid Battery using LTC2944. I need to protect system from reverse battery polarity. 

Does anybody know if the use of a little Schottky diode on GND pin could work to protect LTC2944 from this situation?

Here it is schematic idea:

I didn't find any indication in the datasheet. I don't know if the presence of D2 could invalidate the LTC2944 measure process.

Also, I'd like to know if there's a software model on which rely to create software for monitoring SOC for lead acid battery. In my application LTC2944 will always be connected to battery, but HOST will not. So when we power on HOST we have to be sure of what we measure. I would like to obtain a good SOC measure using Coulomb counter, temperature and voltage measuring.

If the battery is removed (LTC2944 is powered off) at the next Power On of the HOST, microcontroller can discover if battery was removed, because registers inside LTC2944 have changed their values that before were programmed by HOST in a different manner.

Thank you for your help, guys!


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