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LTC3119 Adjustable Output Voltage


I am using the LTC3119 as a high current, adjustable, buck-boost regulator for a robotics application. The input to this device is the output from a LTC4417 PowerPath controller. I am using a potentiometer to adjust the resistor ratio on the output of the LTC3119, but I am unable to achieve the advertised output voltage. The voltage always seems to have trouble rising above 3-4 Volts regardless of the input voltage (given that it is within the 2.5-18V limit). The input to the LTC4417 is straight from a DC power supply in my testing.

A pdf of my circuit schematic is attached for reference. Please let me know if I have misunderstood something about this chip, or if there are any things that I should change given my application to achieve the advertised operation of the chip.

Thank you.