LTC4366HTS8-2 Documentation: What is Vth?

The datasheet contains a lot of equations.

Many of them referring to a parameter VTH.

I can guess it is some sort of Voltage Threshold, but I cannot find any explanation of exactly what it is referring to.

The closest I get is an example (pg16)  where it is set to 5V without any reference to what it is.

Please explain what VTH is referring to.

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    on Jun 22, 2021 7:35 AM in reply to lufeitan


    from the FET datasheet:

    you can see that with VGS=4V the FET is only 'starting' to conduct as it allows only smaller currents to flow. Hence VGS=5V leads to a more 'healthy' and better conducting FET operation. More VGS voltage would be better for sure, that the formula is for calculation of minimum input voltage.

    The specified drain current for example (31A) is given for a VGS of 10V.

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