Load shared with multuple paralleled battery packs

Hello. I have some questions about power managment with battery cells. Within one battery pack there are 6 LiFePO4 battery cells connected in series (battery pack voltage is 19.2 and current is 10 A) . I have 10 battery packs to charge and share it with load (like power bank). I going to use LTC4015 charger for every battery pack and increase capacity by connecting this 10 battery packs in parallel. How i understand i can`t feed load with power more than power of one battery pack, because connection all battery packs in parallel require an ideal diode at each pack output and when one battery pack voltage become less than others its ideal diode will turn off this pack from common output,  isn`t it?  Is it posiible someway to increase total power on common output with this battery packs? Tnank you in advance.