LT1910 IN pin recycle voltage

The datasheet of LT1910 mentions that by inserting a resistor between Timer and IN pin, helps latch the SCR to LOW under fault condition and will continue to remain so until IN pin recycles.

We are looking to use the device in this configuration but without losing the automatic restart capability. For this, we intend to select the right resistor value such that the voltage at INPUT pin goes low enough during capacitor discharging, that it considers it as a recycle and we do not lose out on the automatic restart feature.

To guarantee this under all conditions, what is the max voltage at IN pin which you can guarantee to be considered as recycle?


Attached is the document showing few captures of waveforms at VIN pin during faulty condition. From simulation, even when voltage recycles from 2V at Vin, the device is able to re-trigger. Can this be guaranteed under all operating conditions?