LT3092 output minimum current

LT3092 is used to excite the ICP vibration sensor. The current output current is set at 150uA. According to the manual, the minimum output current is 0.5mA.Will it damage the chip?If this is not appropriate, what is the recommended constant current source for the output current of about 100uA?

This is the description in the manual:

Note 3: Minimum load current is equivalent to the quiescent current of

The part Since all quiescent and drive current is delivered to the output

Of the part, the minimum load current is the minimum current required to

Maintain regulation.

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    on Aug 28, 2019 5:38 AM in reply to Jack_167


    The answer to your first question was in my initial statement.

    The answer to your 2nd question is here:

    According to Kirchhoff law the sum of all currents into a single node equals to zero. So if you have two elements, one sources a current X into the node and the other one sinks a current X-deltaX from that node -> There has to be a third line/element where the current deltaX is available from that node, otherwise it won’t work.

    The answer to question 3: Should not be required if you follow and understand answer 2. It's really that easy.

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