LT3763 Vin requirements

I'm working on programmable power module based on LT3763. The main power input is +48 Vdc and I have on board also +7.5 V dc.

My question: is it possible to power LT3764 Vin with mentioned bias of +7.5 V while power MOSFETs is powered by +48 Vdc? Idea is to reduce dissipation of internal regulator. Vout should be from 0 to +20 V (i.e. above bias voltage).

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  • When LT3763 works under load (e.g. output current is 2 A) its package temperature quickly rise above 100 oC. External fan cooling can holds it below thermal shutdown threshold but I'm concerned about long term reliability. Perhaps 2-layer PCB is not enough and 4-layer with huge internal ground plane is required for efficient thermal dissipation.

    I'd like to learn more how to use lower the Vout voltage on Vin. Is it possible that some extra circuit is needed?