LTC3129 DC1922A Feedforward Network

On the DC1922A board, a 2.2k resistor was added to the feedforward network (which was not discussed in the LTC3129 datasheet). How do I decide if I need to add the resistor, and what value should be chosen? Is looking at transient step response in a LTSpice simulation a good way, or should I do an AC simulation to look at the gain and phase margins (seems difficult)?

I'm needing to convert li-ion voltages to 3.5V, at up to 75 mA. I plan to set PWM mode during sensitive data acquisitions to keep the output voltage more steady (though I'm not sure if this is 100% necessary, will test). Based on the datasheet, I should use the feedforward cap to help stability at low output powers.

We are ordering the DC1922A board, and will use it to power our circuit, but I would be grateful for any insights you can provide.

Schematic with feedforward resistor