18 cells BMS with (LTC6813-1) and active balancer LTC3300-1 x3

Dear Friends,

We are planning to make 18 cells BMS with bidirectional active balancer. In order to that we are considering LTC6813-1 as 18 cell battery stack monitoring and LTC3300-1 x3 for link with active balancer. I have a few questions to clarify.

Q1 which is the best way to setup ISP communication with MCU?
     A) using two separate isolator with setup1 or single isolator with setup2
setup1           SETUP2

Q2 In the LTC3300-1 WDT protection circuit how to connect with cells and interface when using three cascade ICs? (DEMO CIRCUIT 2100 only use 2 chips ) could you please provide sample diagram for this

which cell need to connect, need sample interface circuit

Q3 We have seen LT2949 current Measurement Chip, in the BMS category front page, but unable to find this chip any detail ? (do you have any suggestion chip for 18cell current measurement chip (shunt resistor - 250A)

Thank you!