ADP5070 EN1, SW1 not working

I use a ADP5070  for gernerating +/- 14V by a 5V USB power supply.

I designed my board with the tools and pretty simmelar to the LTspice model which is avaleable.

I pull EN1 and EN2 up to 1.4V and i did not connect the SEQ.

Then i get my -14V at the output 2 behind the diode

But at output 1 I have -0.7V insead of +14V

If I set En2 to 0V, the Output 2 dropps to 0.

I also tried with EN1 but nothing happens.

I also connected SEQ to 0 and 5V but it did not help.

Do you have any suggestions, hints, tipps to get circuit 1 running?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 19, 2019 3:07 AM

    Make sure the EN1 is really move than the high level threshold right at the IC pin. Layout should follow the guideline in datasheet. If EN1 is correct, probe the SW1 pin using oscilloscope and make sure you have switching going on there. If not, you may check other issues like part not properly mounted on board.