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LTC3601 switching reg issue


We are testing 5 sets of PCB containing 2 LTC3601EMSE ICs each.

One of them seems burn out during out long term test.
The test was signaling to pin 12(RUN, 3.3V) 6-hour on-and-off every 3 sec.

It was hot and output 0V when it was out-of-order.

Note that pin 6 (INTVCC) output 5V when it comes to out-of-order. It should out 3.3V.

I want to get advised relating our schematics in terms of safty and protection.



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  • Can you tell me what is Estimate Annual Usage of your project and what company do you work for?

    If component is damaged during turn-on and off, there could be voltage transient that went above the Abs. Max rating of the part. Please check these using oscilloscope. You may also want to contact local ADI sales or FAE for support.