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LT8610 Heating up

I'm currently performing some repairs on a control box for a vsat system and through the use of a handheld FLIR unit, we have noticed that the first of 3 LT8610 circuits gets warm. Ambient temperature of the board is 23 degrees Celsius and when the unit is powered up, the LT8610 hovers around 30 degrees Celsius. We have also noticed that the 4.7μH also reaches a similar temperatur. The unit does not power on at all. Is there any kind of fault finding we can perform on this chip to allow us to fix the problem?

  •  7 degrees of temperature rise for the LT8610 and an inductor is very normal if there is some load on the VOUT, depending on what level of load. The higher the load current, the higher the temperature rise. You can check if LT8610 is working normally, check if EN/UV pin is above the threshold, check INTVCC voltage, and check VOUT if it is at desired level.