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Help troubleshooting regulated dual-rail charge pump (LTC3260) seeing -Vin on negative regulated output

Hi all, trying to figure out why my charge pump circuit is not working. This is the LTC3260, which has both an inverter and a positive / negative LDO for a dual rail. I'm using it with a 9V battery as Vin, and trying to get +/- 5V regulated lines.

I'm able to get the positive voltage regulated properly, but the output on LDO- shows up as -Vin instead of -5V. I've already tried replacing the chip with a different, fresh one (thinking I might have damaged the regulator), but it has the exact same issue. I also resoldered my circuit to a copy of the same PCB with the same issues. This is a pretty straightforward circuit, so I'm a little bit at wit's end trying to see if I missed something simple!

Here is a link to the schematic and PCB I've made.