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LTC4013 CC+CV 10s4p Li-ion charger selectable charging current


I need to implement a buck battery charger for a 10s4p Li-ion pack, Vin 48VDC. with the additional requirement that Iout should be selectable from a MCU (i.e. conmuting between different programming resistors).

LTC4013 looks great, but one thing worries me: changing charging current for the LTC4013 means conmuting between different Rs resistors, which are in the high current branch, and makes it complex.

Is there any other way of implementing a CC+CV battery charger for 10s Li-Ion, with a LTC4013 or a DC DC Buck such as the LT3761 or the LT3796, allowing me to program the charging current from a MCU selecting between different resistors? 

I'm very newbie at power electronics, sorry about my ignorance.