LTC3785 Low Voltage Operation


I am developing an application with the LTC3785 that will use a single Lithium Cell as the power source (3V to 4.1V). 

The LTC3785 has an onboard LDO regulator (4.35V) that provides power for the FET Gate Drive signals.  The Block Digram in the Datasheet shows the input to the LDO is the VIN pin, so in my case, this will be the Lithium Cell and so the voltage available for the gate drive will be well below 4.35V, which could reduce efficiency.

Page 9 of the datasheet says that if desired, a Schotkky diode can be used to connect the Vout, which in my case will be 5V. 

My question is; How should this diode be connected?  Do I remove the VIN (pin 24) connection to the Cell and replace it with the cathode of the diode and then connect the anode of the diode to VOUT (pin 10)?

As VIN also powers the internal circuitry, wouldn't this prevent the controller from starting up?  Perhaps a pair of diodes is required, with both cathodes attached to Vin and one anode to the cell and one anode to Vout?

Thank you,