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Strange behavior when simulating a circuit based on a LTM4626 device


I am part of a design team to build an FPGA-based circuit board. For the power supplies, we especially use some Analog devices. One of them is a LTM4626 device.
When simulating this device under LTSPICE, we observed an overshoot phenomenon as shown in the screenshot attached to this message.
After many simulation tests, we realized that this phenomenon was linked to the connection of the pull-up PGOOD resistor to INTVCC pin.

When connecting this PGOOD resistor to Vin, this overshoot disapeared.

I do not understand what happened. This is probably a mistake of our own.

Could you please tell us your opinion on the subject?

Many thanks for your help

 PGOOD resistor linked to VCCINT    PGOOD resistor linked to VIN

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