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LT3753 out pin driving capability

Hi ADIexpert

I would like to use LT3753 to implement a Active Clamp forward converter

however, due to the High Ta(75degree)  spec, I will need to drive at least 2 MOSFETs and may  up to 3 Mosfets  by Out pin (main switch) to share the heat 

May I know if there is any limitation on the Qty of Mosfets ?

if any document  related to  this issue can be provided, it would be appreciated.

On the other hand, I am curious about the the schematic of DC2324A-B.

Since I didn't see any feedback control components like Optocoupler and TL431,  the  FB pin is grounded and Comp pin is floated.

How do you implement the close loop control  to get correct Vout?

is it using primary side sensing? but I don't see LT3753 can do that in the datasheet.