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LTC6804-2 cannot be written

I'm designing a battery management system for automobiles. I use the chip LTC6804-2. I can read battery voltage, GPIO data and configuration data, but I can't write configuration data.
I also purchased the DEMO test board of LTC6804-2, including DC1942C, DC1941D and DC590B. When debugging with supporting software, I also encountered the same problem that I could not write configuration data.
Let me describe the specific software debugging situation:
1. I can read the configuration data "F0 00 00 00 00 00". 
2. There is default data "F8 00 00 00 00 00" in the input field of configuration data. First, I can't modify this data. Second, if I write this data, the configuration data I read is still "F0 00 00 00 00 00".
  • The configuration data is modified by setting for example REFON=1, checking DCC bits for activation, or selecting OV/UV settings. The default write may have been successful even though not matching the first byte on readback, since some of the bits are GPIO read/write and might not match whats written due to the open-drain pins of the IC. Also the GUI will not keep the part awake unless REFON=1 and written, so subsequent reads could show that the register was cleared automatically after the watchdog timeout (~1.5s).

  • Thank you for your answer. As you said, the configuration register will be reset if there are no new instructions in 2 seconds.
    How can I modify the high and low level state of GPIO in software, especially GPIO [2], GPIO [3], GPIO [4]?
    Because these pins are used for temperature acquisition channel switching in DEMO board DC1942C.

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