LTC4155 not charging.


We are using LTC4155 on our prototype PCB.
We have two problems:
1) LTC4155 is not charging battery (0mA) most of the time
2) LTC4155 sometimes kicks in and charge battery at 75mA current, even if we set 1000mA charging current and no input limits

We are using 1,5A 5V wall adaptor as power supply. Measured voltage on WALLSNS and VBUS is 5,35V. Almost no current drawn from PSU.
We are using 3,7V 4000mAh Li-Poly battery with 10k NTC. Actual battery voltage is above 3,8V (measured on BATSNS).

Register readings:
(0x0 means REG0, 0x1 means REG1, etc)

0x0: 10000000
0x1: 00000110
0x2: 00001100
0x3: 00000001
0x4: 10100000
0x5: 10000000
0x6: 00000000

As you can see, on REG3, LOWBAT is set to 1, so probably that is reason why there is no charging at all.

We are waiting for your help.
Regards Mateusz

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