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Some questions about LTC4370

Dear Sir/Madam,

        About LTC4370,I have some questions that  I cann't find the awnsers from datasheet,please give me a help,thanks a  lot.

        1、What's the diode-OR mean?

        2、What's the function about CPO1 and CPO2 of  LTC4370?

        3、What's case that  I can use EN1 and EN2 to control the MOSFETS?

        4、What's the relationship about the adjustable voltage and the resistance which connected to RANGE?How to calculate the resistance?

        5、What‘s the function about VCC? Why is the chip still work normaly when the VCC connected to GND by a capacitance in the example of LTspice ?

        6、Why must the power supplys have current limiting capability when using LTC4370?