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LTM8064 load sharing problems


I implemented LTM8064 in my board.

I used it in load sharing mode with two modules that are connected in parallel, while connecting the pins according to the datasheet.

Vout was configured to 28V

The test was: Measuring input current,at zero load, with 2A load and zero load again

When Vin = 38V:

Iin was 50mA without load and after the load was removed. 

When Vin was 42V:

Iin before the load(zero load mode) was 50mA/ but, after the load was removed was 80mA meaning that the slave uModule didn't get into the DCM mode even though I grounded the slave mode(As mentioned in the datasheet) and the load was zero amps. Do you have explanantion?



  • To regulate the current sharing, the output current of the slave unit is adjusted by the Ioutmon voltage of the master unit. If there is a slight change on Ioutmon voltage, the slave unit output current may also be slightly changed. Recommend to measure the Ioutmon voltage, to see if there is any changes.


    In case the no load efficiency is important for the application, one option is to use RUN control signal to turn off the slave unit (with separated RUN pins) when the load is light, to increase no load and light load efficiencies. (It’s optional.) Thanks.