LTC4162-L battery detection issue

I use LTC4162-L but it don't work, the module is stuck in battery detection test.

Some how, from time to time it is unstuck from battery detection test to cc_cv_charge, vin_uvcl  and no-rt. So it don't charge my battery as well.
I read on forum it can be the battery being not compatible with the charger (or wrong layout) but I see the battery charge (en_chg = 1) several times.
I don't change my setup but the LTC4162 change state and I really don't understand why.

By the way, the power supply is either usb_C or constant voltage generator (24V, 1A).
Moreover I measure good values exept for Ibat which always at 6A when it is not charging my battery. Even if telemetry is not enable.
My battery is Li-ion, 1S2P, it have protection circuit (for thermal shutdown, or currant peak) so we can't use the feature of LTC4162 for that.
In all my test vin_gt_vbat is set.

My first questions is: Are they some setting conducting to  battery detection test, vin_uvlo and no_rt ? 
And my second is: what is the data refresh rate ?
Thank you to help me