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About ADP1613 COMP pin absolute maximum rating


I have a question about COMP pin absolute maximum rating.

In the datasheet, COMP to GND = 1.0V to 1.6V.

But I don't know 1V to 1.6V absolute maximum rating. 

Is the operation range 1V to 1.6V?

My customer found 2.1V COMP pin voltage in the customer board at start-up.

So I would like to confirm about the absolute maximum rating of COMP pin.

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  • Hi Fil-san

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, COMP pin don't connected to the other circuit, just RC network.

    But COMP pin voltage go to 2V at start up.

    I would like to confirm about the COMP Clamp High Voltage function.

    ADP1621 have this function.(Vcomp,clamp=2Vtyp, 2.1Vmax)

    Do ADP1613 have the COMP Clamp High Voltage function?

    Best Regards,


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