Possibility to design a SEPIC with 12V to 24V Input, 12V to 24V Output and supporting 5 Amps or more using the LT3759?


The title says it all : can the LT3759 be used in a SEPIC design capable of delivering a 12V-24V @ 5A output from a 12V-24V 5A input.

Here is my design :

If the LT3759 can be used for that application, what design should I make or how should I modify my design ? My design makes the IPB081N06L3G mosfet overheat when the load is 3ohms and the output current reaches 4.17A.
Is it only possible using a cooler ?

Maybe this isn't possible or/and you have a better component suggestion than the LT3759... what would it be ?

Thank you in advance for any response,

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