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LTC4041 - SYSGD Comparator

Hi Everyone,

Looking at the block diagram of the LTC4041 the SYSGD Comparator seems to be a stand alone sub-circuit.

My question is if it can be repurposed as programmable threshold of the voltage of the super capacitor connecting an external resistor divider is used between SCAP, RSTFB and GND.

The idea is to have a digital signal when the voltage of the super cap is below a certain threshold programmed by the voltage divider.


  • Hello,

    Interesting idea. We do not see an issue with this. The comparator is powered by Max(VIN, VSCAP) so power will not be an issue, and these signals are not used for any internal logic.

    Bear in mind that there is a CAPGD signal already, but it does not have a custom threshold. If you would prefer a custom threshold and do not need the SYSGD signal, then this is a slick solution.