LTC3553 charging only mode


I am wondering, if there is any charging only mode in LTC3553? I have gone through its datasheet but it is not clearly mentioned anywhere that what will be the status of battery charger and VOUT pin in different power modes.

Besides, it is mentioned that HPWR and SUSP pins have "conditional" internal pull-down resistors, what does it mean. Can we left these pins floating if we want a low level on this pin? Also, should we use an external pull-down resistor if we want to control the pin through microcontroller?

Moreover, as mentioned in the datasheet, a 100uF with 0.3 ohms resistor should be connected to the BAT terminal if there is no battery. In the case when the battery can be connected and disconnected, placing the capacitor and resistor with BAT terminal even in presence of battery will affect the chip performance? Also, with the 100 uF capacitor with 0.3 ohm resistor connected to the BAT pin and with battery disconnected, how will the CHRG pin behave when the VUSB pin will be connected? Will it indicate charging or not?

Thank you.