LTC6811 communication through I2C

Hello all:

We are trying to interface between LTC6811  and LTC2451 ADC  through I2C on gpio4 and gpio5 of 6811 module. The LTC2451 ADC will act as a temperature sensor so we can measure temperature for our battery modules. In LTC2451 data sheet, the ADC will output a 16-bit value when it detects a read command from the master. My question is, how do I initialize the I2C communication from 6811? From the datasheet, in my understanding, we have to:

1. write to the COMM register using WRCOMM command 

2. start the communication using STCOMM command

3. read the COMM register for data from LTC2451 using RDCOMM command

However I am not sure what I should put in the COMM register in step 1. I assume ICOM0 will be the start signal, D0 will be the address of LTC2451 + read bit, then what about the rest of the COMM register, specifically ICOMn and FCOMn? Can someone give an example of what the registers should look like, if i were to send a read command to the ADC? Thank you very much.

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