LTC6813-1 Balancing Resistor Size


I am reviewing LTC6813-1 datasheet.   

Where are find balance current specification in datasheet? 

If i use resister size 2012(0.25w), Is it possible to measure blancing? 

The EVB uses the balancing resistance 6343 size. 

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When sizing the balancing resistor, it is important to know
the typical battery imbalance and the allowabletime for cell
balancing. In most small battery applications, it is reasonable
for the balancing circuitry to be able to correct for a
5% SOC (State of Charge) error with 5 hours of balancing.
For example a 5AHr battery with a 5% SOC imbalance
will have approximately 250mA Hrs of imbalance. Using
a 50mA balancing current this could be corrected in 5
hours. With a 100mA balancing current, the error would
be corrected in 2.5 hours. In systems with very large
batteries, it becomes difficult to use passive balancing to
correct large SOC imbalances in short periods of time.
The excessive heat created during balancing generally
limits the balancing current. In large capacity battery applications,
if short balancing times are required, an active
balancing solution should be considered. When choosing
a balance resistor, the following equations can be used to
help determine a resistor value:

Balance Current =

%SOC_Imbalance . Battery Capacity

Number of Hours to Balance

Balance Resistor =
Nominal Cell Voltage
Balance Current

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