Cell balancing using LTC3300

I am designing a battery managment system and battery pack with balancing circuit. For battery charging I decided to go with your new IC LTC4162-F. Battery configuration is 6S-1P, 6 series LiFePo4 cells. I desided to use LTC3300 as balancing IC.

I have few questions:
Could I use LTC3300 as standalone IC, without MCU and battery monitors like LTC68xx? I just need easy small circuit for balancing 6s-1p battery pack, without strong flexibility.
I read old Q&A and noticed that AD recommended do not use LTC3300 LTSpice model. Is it actual now?
Maybe you could suggest any good solution like other balancing IC's or curcuits with your IC's to design small battery balancing curcuit for 6 series LiFePo4 cells?

Thank you in advance!