LTC2977 fast servo mode


If I disable the fast servo mode (work at slow servo mode), the DAC is ramped one lsb every Ts_vdacp period according to the datasheet.

I want to know if LTC2977 still need to monitor the ADC input during every ramped lsb? For example, the initial MFG_DAC_LTC is n, DAC ramp it to n+1, delay Ts_vdacp plus "tUPDATE_ADC", then DAC ramp it to n+2.

Or DAC successively ramp it, DAC ramp it to n+1, delay Ts_vdacp, DAC ramp it to n+2, delay Ts_vdacp, DAC ramp it to n+3 .... And the digital servo loop is disabled during DAC ramping.


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