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LT8610A/AB Pin 7 NC

Hello, I have an existing PCB design where I used the LT8610, and I'd like to replace it (on a clean board) with one of the new variants (i.e. LT8610A/AB).

In reading the datasheet, I see I may need to make some minor tweaks to surrounding circuits, but I'm most concerned on whether these parts are drop-in compatible.  Put another way, I am trying to gauge whether I need to cut a trace or rev the artwork.

The only issue I see is pin 7 on the LT8610 was 'PGND' and this is now a 'NC' on the LT8610A/AB.  Is this a 'do not connect' or a 'not connected internally' NC?  I just want to make sure if I ground this pin, it's not going to be of concern.  Thank you for your time.