LT3045 question

Hello all,

I need to have +15V output on the 2x paralleled LT3045 (fixed resistor)

What's the input voltage range I need to provide to it?

Thank you

  • The minimum input voltage is the Vout+Vdropout. However, the IC performance, such as PSRR, is related to the differential voltage of Vin and Vout. Check the typical curves in the datasheet for details. The max input voltage is limited by the thermal performance. The IC temperature is (ambient temperature+power loss x the thermal resistor), while the power loss is (Vin-Vout)*Iload. The max temperature is 125C. So the max input voltage depends on your load, ambient temperature, and the thermal resistance.

  • Many thanks for the quick and detailed reply.

    In fact I now see that I need the Vin to be Vout+300mV minimum. I thought that the dropout was much more than that. However I must have >1V dropout to have a better PSRR.