LTC3884 output current measurement


I am having some problems getting the LTC3884 to measure the output current accurately. I am using the part to provide power to the core voltage of a FPGA and it is connected very similar to the DC2084A demo board but with no LTC3874 for extra phases. I changed out the inductor to a PA3790.201 and ran the LT Power CAD to adjust the series R on the Isense+ pin to be 634ohms. I used the LT Power play with the DC1613A adaptor to change the registers settings in the LTC3884 and LT Power play is also used to display the output current. After making all of the adjustments, i get a much higher current reading than expected on each of the 2 phases on the LTC3884. In my test setup, i have the LTC3884 powering a resistor and the output current should be a total of 14A to this resistive load. In LT Power play, it is showing me a measured current of 11A on Phase 0 and 12A on phase 1. Is there any other register settings that i need to make adjustments to?

I am currently changing the following registers:

Iout_Cal_Gain = 0.29mohm (DCR of my inductor)

Mfr_Temp_1_Gain = 0.991 (As per the datasheet's recommendation)

I have also placed this resistive load on the demo board and its results are in line with the expected value. Also, i noticed something interesting with the Demo board's settings. The DCR of the inductor used on the demo board is 0.32mohm (which is the default value in the LTC3884) but when LT Power play is loaded up, i read a value of 0.34mohm in the Iout_Cal_Gain register. I'm not sure why a higher DCR value is used in the register settings for the demo board.